BLC 2016 Leader

The Business Leadership Council ensures that National Latino Education Institute programs continue to meet the needs of the business community through advisory, technical support, provision of career opportunities, acquisition of resources and through partnerships that embrace and strengthen the service delivery of NLEI.

The BLC is comprised of professionals representing top Chicago corporations in various fields such as banking, insurance, and energy delivery, among others.

The Council works with students by hosting career workshops, mock job interviews, and company tours, and by sponsoring on-site observation activities. Members meet on a bimonthly basis to discuss the status and needs of the rapidly changing labor market and provide enhancements for employment programming in order to meet those needs.

Hannah Fernandez, Chair
ROI Business Funding, LLC

Adrian Rosado, Vice Chair
Zion Management Group/TheMillennial.Be

Preston Frazier, Secretary
State Farm

Amania Drane, Membership Committee Co-Chair

Oscar Regalado, Membership Committee Co-Chair
McCormick Foundation

Jules Gianneschi
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Rick Gutierrez
Johnson Controls

Lou Sandoval
Karma Yacht Sales, LLC

Soledad Santiago

Raul Torres